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My car developed the unfortunate habit of pausing. The "check engine" light
would turn on. Then that light would turn off right as the "low coolant"
light would turn on. Then that light would turn off and the car would jerk
for a moment as it stopped accelerating. Then the cycle would repeat with
everything happening at a perfect tempo. This would only happen when I was
accelerating. I took it to get repaired and they replaced the ecu. The
problem stopped for about a week then it started again. It was nearly as
bad as before but it was getting worse quickly. I took it back to the
garage and they found that the wire harness attached to the ecu was bad. I
asked if I needed my computer replaced before and they said yes but I
didn't need one this time even though it was doing the same thing. How can
you get an accurate test on the ecu through a bad wire harness? Where is
the ecu in the car so I can inspect what they did to the wire harness
myself as some of the things they told my made no sense from an electrical
perspective. It seems to me that the problem was caused by the harness and
got better because they moved the wire harness when they replaced the ecu.
Probably through ending a short or scraping off corrosion. Anyway, I would
like answers to the previous questions and an opinion of someone more
knowledgable about car electronics than myself. Thank you.

posted by  nerdboy

Phhfft, garages. :screwy:

Check engine light = trouble code(s). Trouble codes = highly possible solution to this problem.

Pull the codes. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

We've linked a couple of web sites in previous posts concerning pre-1995 GM's with detailed instructions and pictures showing how to pull the trouble codes with a bent paperclip.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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