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k i'm fairly new to cars as far as learning about them but i think my friends are all the type of idiots that people who actually knew about cars would laugh at. having said that lets begin.

k my idiot friend two days ago did something to my other idiot friends intake in his acura. basically when i got in the car it sounded a bit louder but that was about it. i was just wondering first off what he did? second its worthless and serves no purpose from what i understand but am i wrong? third he told my friend because of what he did he could rev higher and that wouldn't be a problem... is that true?

basically my friend was changing at 4-5 instead of his normal 2.5-3 and i know about intakes from what i understand they regular air flow into the into the engine so i'm guessing more air more oxygen more combustion? but i asked someone else and they said it might boost his horsepower about like 2-3.. maybe 4.

also they are talking about putting a cool-air intake in and i was wondering how much would something like that cost also how would it improve the performance and finally if you were to add something to an acura rsx to improve the performance the most what would it be?

posted by  someidiot

you are an idiot...

posted by  99hatch

Your name says it all. :banghead:

posted by  RusMan

if you know that much about cars than you shouldn't even be thinking about touching the engine, and I'm not even talking about modifying it. :doh:

posted by  RusMan

No, actually you are. This is the third ancient thread you've revived for no apparent reason in less than a few hours. What is your problem.

posted by  vwhobo

Yea read the date before you answer it. They need to delete theses threads

posted by  CarEXPERT

good call...

posted by  99hatch

yea man i dont read dates.that is my problem...3 threads?..what happens now do i get shot with a blindfold on or something?..lolz...jokes man...

posted by  99hatch

Nope. 40 lashes with a wet noodle.

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