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Im not even sure if Im in the correct forum or not and if not please forgive me, but I need all the help I can get ...Ive got a 1998 KIA Sportage 2.0 Standard 5 speed, now its been a good running little hoopie but lately its been kinda acting like its not getting enough gas on take off ...and Thursday when I stoped at a redlight, after taking off and not driving but just a little ways, it stoped getting gas ...I had over a half tank of gas in my car . It wasnt the starter and it wasnt the battery, and its not the generator. But it seemed not to be getting gas in order for it to start and I had to have it towed home.
Now Ive went to ORileys and Auto Zone and Pep Boys and none of those places has a Book on KIA Sportages and I dont have any way of knowing whats wrong with it or Where to even LOOK on the car for a problem .....Do any of you own a KIA Sportage ....and do any of you have a Book who could possibley scan pictures of examples or diagrams or have any idea what to do next ? I simply cannot afford to take it in and pay a thousand dollars to those high priced dealerships over sea's parts and I feel it must be something simple sence it keeps trying to start ...its just not getting gas for some reason .. any ideas guys ??? helpless female in Oklahoma

posted by  LindaKay

Have your buddies @ Autozone hook their code scanner to the car and see if it has thrown codes lately. We may be able to hit or miss. Without access to a shop manual, you may be S.O.L

There are several reasons the car could be having grief - fuel system (fuel pump, regulator, clogged filter), ignition system (unless you opened a fuel line and visually checked or put a pressure gage on the test ports, you dont know if it stopped getting gas or not) or an engine management system issue (crank position sensor, ECM, etc.). If we do find a shop manual, you need to be able to use a digital volt meter and some mechanical skills

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posted by  HighWayMan

I have a 97 Kia Sportage and I've had the same probelms that you've had.
Take it to a Auto place that has a computer that could tell you what to look for in fixing it.
Like at AutoZone or something.
The test is free.
OKay, the same exact probelm has happened to mine, so far this is what I've done to mine.

I've replaced both coil packs , cause I was told one was bad, though still the same problem.
Then I changed the spark plug , which was firing arm number 4 that wasn't doing well.
Then I changed the water pump, still to no avail, it's still messed up.
I'm taking mine back to the dealership Monday and I'll keep you posted.

The next idea from here would be look into your fuel line , or then look into the ERG Valve.
Good luck.


ps. my kia is a 97 model.

posted by  sentry

Sorry to revive an old thread, but... This is a perfect example of why getting a code scan at Autozone, etc IS NOT the same as having your car diagnosed by a competent technician. The "free scan" convinced this person to purchase a couple of hundred bucks worth of parts that didn't fix diddly and that they can't return. And then they still had to pay somebody to do the job correctly. Finacial and time management at it's best. :thumbs:

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