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Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket product to replace the new theft resistant key. We want to put a remote starter on our 01 Taurus and they said we would have to have another key made to be installed under the dash to make the necessary connection. Any help in understanding how this system works would be appreciated

posted by  trapfreek

Hmmm since youre putting on a remote start mechanism there really isnt a point to having a theft resistant key. You could just dive into the electrical diagrams and cut out that part (that uses the theft resistant part)

Having a remote start would compromise your security anyways. Yeah no average kid would be smart enough to take your car, but some guy thats half assed good at it probably wouldnt bother.

posted by  Aten

I'm unaware of an aftermarket product to do this, but the manufacturer should be able to supply you with all needed equipment. If not I suggest you keep shopping.

Alternately you could take Atens advice and just "cut out that part". That part is the GEM (General Module). However if you do so you will not only lose the anti-theft function. Here is a list of the items the GEM controls;

*instrument cluster warning indication and chimes
*interior courtesy lamp control
*automatic headlamp control
*daytime running lamps
*wipers and washers
*heated rear window
*one-touch down window
*delayed accesories
*power door locks, (SMART, autolocking, trunk release)
*remote keyless entry
*perimeter anti-theft

As you can see these are all things that you don't need so go ahead and "cut out that part". Or as I stated before keep shopping. One question, why do you want a remote starter? There may be another solution.

posted by  vwhobo

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