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I wash flushing my radiator when the tip of the drain plug snapped off...It snapped when I was tightening it back up...so it was fine...in there, but I wanted to try and replace it just the same. I got out my dremel, and planned to drill a small hole in the plug, then I would add some super glue, screw in a screw, let it sit then twist it out. While I was dremeling the core of the plug disintegrated and the plug was pushed into the radiator!
I tested the replacement plug, and it doesn't float. Will this be a problem, have that plug bit inside the radiator? Know of any way I can get it out? THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any help!!!!!!

posted by  godbringer

Well, I have the same problem with my car. I was tightening the screw when I heard something snapped. As a result my radiator is leaking and I don't know how to unscrew the plug if I broke the wing.

Any help would be appreciated

posted by  lucho707

did ya try drilling it out and then usign an eazy out on it?

posted by  adamc44

I had this very thing happen one time, just once, because I never bothered a drainplug ever again. I always pull the lower hose to drain. Once bitten, twice shy....

posted by  PTT1

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