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Hello Guys,
I'm a newbie here and I am posting my first problem here. Please be nice to me :) I recently bought a used honda 95 accord v6 with 141k miles on it. The only problem in the car is that it vibrates a little bit when I accelerate around 40mph. Around 60mph the Vibration becomes more of a wobble. The CV joints were changed at 133k so I am not sure if that's the problem. I am not looking for a bingo answer here but just the possibilities of what could be wrong here.
Hoping to get good advice from you guys.

posted by  kagarwa

First step would be to have your tires balanced.

posted by  DodgeRida67

The car has even tread on the tires. Do I need Wheel Alignment as well?

posted by  kagarwa

I can't say. I'd have to have a look at the car.

posted by  DodgeRida67

1), Are the tires in balance? Is the vibration in the steering wheel or more in the floor pan? Steering usually ='s tires in front, Floor pan is either something un-related to tires or rear tires.

2) Are the engine mounts sagging to where the axles(with cv inner and outter joints) are mis-aligned with respect to their proper angle of attack to the automatic transaxle? IE) out of phase??

3) exhaust loose or mis-routed?

4) rotors in good shape or are they mis-balanced to where they are more dense in certain areas?

There are a number of things to check......use some of these as a guidline and see what you come up with

posted by  cmeseadoin

Last night I let my friend drive it and I was sitting on the right hand side. I felt some vibration on the floor as well. So this was not just the steering wheel. I will take it to a mechanic this weekend and get it checked up. I am a little new to getting to know the internals. Anyways so does the floor vibration tells us something more about it?

posted by  kagarwa

Well, if the vibrations are in the floor pan as well, this could be telling us that you have a problem outside of the tires like I have already detailed for you above, but it COULD be the tires as well. Hard to know....vibrations can be the devil to try and figure out. First you need to do the easy stuff...are the tires in balance? I'd get them balanced first or rotate them front to back and see if the problem goes away before paying someone to balance them. From there, you can pursue other avenues lke actually having all four balanced. Out of balance tired can cause serious vibrations and are probably the most often occuring cause of vibrations. Noise/vibration harshness is a trickey trade to master online. You need to answer my questions first such as do you feel it in the steering wheel, have you balanced the tires, have you rotated them to see if you can eliminate it? etc.......go from there. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

Dont you mean "Have the wheels balanced" :laughing: ...or is it another US thing I have to learn :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Technically it is the tires your balancing, your just doing it from the wheel. Either way works :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hey All,
I got the tires balanced today at JustTires. The vibration is still there. And now my car swerves to the right. Should I take the car back for rebalancing?
To describe the vibration a little bit better. I am driving at 30mph and I hit on the accel pedal to go from 30-50. I feel the vibration on the accel pedal during the entire period the car goes from 30-50mph. The vibration does not really subsidize after that but it mellows down a little bit. If I sit on the passenger side and let a friend drive I feel the vibration on the floor. Could this be a axle or a CV joint problem. Help me!!! :)

posted by  kagarwa

ok first off if you went to the mechanic and the car contiues to shake it removes the possibility that the balancing is the problem (presuming you went to a creditable mech) so ill lay down the possibilities and ways to check them (NOTE: I am not ASE CERTIFIED just worked in a junkyard for 2 years)
1. If the car did not swerve before the balanceing it may be your alignment (CHECK YOUR TREADS FOR UNUSUAL WEAR)
2. Get your Tie-Rods Checked (LET A MECH DO THIS)
3. Check your frame for unusualy bends cracks ect...
4. Get your axel checked if you have a straight axel.
5. Look for someone who does free estimates (I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH) Belive it or not Many Mechanics are paid more to tell you somthing is wrong when its not. (MIDAS ESPECIALLY) ANd ask to see their ASE Certification or proof of it. If the sign on the door says ASE certified tech. Make sure they are!
6. check your steering box for shifting while being turned.
7. Check your Mounts on your motor and transmission ( some vehicles can be shaken by bad mounts
8 get a alignment (if they do a alignment and shaking continues it is not your tie rods)(Also if you need tie outter tie rods your car can still be aligned but it wont hold for long )

hope this helps

posted by  colinlesser

I got this from a google search. Could I be experiencing the same problem. CV Joints ?? Also my car has a high mileage and it could be attributed to that.

Hello -

My 1996 Jetta GL 2.0, auto tranny has developed a vibration (not a shimmy,
so it's not an alignment problem) during acceeleration. When accelerating
from a full stop, at around 40 mph, the car will sometimes vibrate. If I
accelerate gently (stay quite under 2.5K rpm) the car won't likely develop
the vibration. During no acceleration (steady rpms) the car won't vibrate
if I got it up to that velocity or rpm without problems. During
deceleration, no problemo. When coasting in Neutral at or above 40, no
vibration. When coasting in neutral at 40 or above and blip the throttle,
no vibration. Plus, sometimes above 50 I can feel a 'thump' (hard to
describe, but it's not vibration) during acceleration or steady rmps.

Here's an excerpt of the Haynes book troubleshooting:

55: Clicking noise in turns
Worn or damaged CV joint
56: Shudder or vibration during acceleration
1. Excessive toe-in
2. Worn or damaged inboard or outboard CV joints
3. Sticking inboard CV joint assembly
57: Vibration at highway speeds
1. Out of balance front wheels and/or tires
2. Out of round front tires
3. Worn CV joints
71: Shimmy, shake or vibration
1. Tire or wheel out-of-balance or out-of-round
2. Loose or worn wheel bearings
3. Worn tie-rod ends
4. Worn lower balljoints
5. Excessive wheel runout
6. Blister or bump on tire

My guesses:
#55 - The car doesn't click on turns.
#56 - No toe-in. Dunno about the CV joints.
#57 - Tires are only about 3 months old. There's those CV joints again.
#71 - Forget the tires. All wheel bearings were replaced back around or
after Xmas. Dunno about tie-rod ends or lower balljoints.

Am I looking at a driveaxle problem here? Hopefully not the tranny! Maybe
the CV joints (they're listed under 55 and 56, and the tires are relatively
new)? If it's the CV joints, is it something I could fix at home?

Is it something else not listed, like engine/tranny mounts (however
unlikely)? TF-8&

posted by  kagarwa

I got the tires rebalanced and they interchanged the front tyres. Also guess what they found a small screw ( without the screw head 1/4" inch long ) embedded inside the tire. They asked 152$ to get a new tire. But I walked away. and then when I drove the car the vibration moved to the left hand side of the car. ( where the tire with the nail was put ). When I got home I removed the nail ( the tire is still inflated, I'm not sure if I need another tire ). After the test drive the vibration has definitely dampened but not gone away completely. I might get the whole axle changed just to get the whole front of my vehicle in good shape. What do you guys think.

posted by  kagarwa

Well, you asked what we thought. Heres MO;

I think since the vibration moved around when you had the tires "balanced" is an indication your problem is in the tire balancing. I don't think they did it right. Take it back and tell them the vibration moved around, and you do not think they have done it right. Infact tell them they didnt fix the vibration but only moved it around. Demand they do it right. :thumbs:

This may be a long shot, but you may have water on the inside of your tires.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I have to agree with all that has been stated.....You've been given about all the advise we can give you online. You will have to figure it out from here. From the vibration moving with respect to tire balancing, what I am about to suggest may not be a likely scenario, however, it is possible for automatic transmissions to develop a vibration/wobble from the torque converter if it should start to break up from the inside. If all else fails and you can't deal with the wobble, get the transmission inspected if it is an automatic....I cannot remember. Good Luck!!

Oh and Cliffy, in the states, the typical understanding of a "wheel" is the rim that the rubber tire (tyre as you call it) is mounted to. The "tire" is the rubber assembly. Therefore, when you get "tires balanced" you are balancing the rubber tire, not the "wheel." The rubber is the part that wears due to the coefficient of friction between it and the road right, SO COME ON MAN, why in the world would you balance the "wheel?" The metal rim is never changing unless it gets hit or something that would bent/damage it!! You balance the tire. :banghead: I guess you need more United States 101 lectures :orglaugh: :hi:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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