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my car is a 97 sentra and the clutch sticks when it reaches 90 mph or i try to shift into 5th gear and i have know idea what the problem is. Can anybody help me with this issue. PLEASE SOMEBODY I NEED HELP!!!!!!!

posted by  MasterMechan1c

What do you mean by it sticks? :ohcrap:

The hell do you think your doing going 90MPH in a damn sentra?

posted by  DodgeRida67

ROFLMAO: Dodge I sure got to agree with you on this one.

Ok Mr. MasterMechan1c, let's look at what you wrote.
The clutch works fine when you shift from 1st to second.
The clutch works fine when you shift from 2nd to 3rd.
The clutch works fine when you shift from 3rd to 4th.
Do you see a pattern here Mr. MasterMechan1c?
Now you have a problem with the clutch when you shift into fifth. Do you hear little grinding noises, or what?

Ok here's the fix.
First, install a roll cage, we sure wouldn't want to lose you at this point. Your better then Comedy Central.
Second, pull the tranny and replace the fifth gear syncros.
Or third, slow down and give us some more detailed info. Must you just race arround everywhere? This is probably the best mind reading I have done all week.

posted by  jcutsh

:banghead: it has to be you rgear box or syncros it can be anything else unless you simply blew out 5th speed racin arround. my advice (IN STEPS TO MAKE IT EASY) step 1: Get gasoline soaked rag. Step 2: remove gas cap. Step3: Insert rag in Gass tank. Step 3: Light rag Step 4: Run behind sterdy object (NOT CAR) and Presto! no more sticky gears! :banghead: :laughing:

posted by  colinlesser

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