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I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan SE, 3.3L EFI, Dual Air, Overdrive Transaxle.

The Engine light stays on constantly. When It goes out, it is only out for a few seconds. My major problem is the Instrument cluster quits working. Also, when it quits, the rear defroster and wiper quits as does the A/C and Temperature control as well as the air direction selector.

Put a diagnostic computer on it and got 2 codes.

P0403 EGR circuit malfunction -- i think this is my engine light gremlin....

P1698 PCM fault/No CCD Messages from TCM No CCD messages from PCM

I cannot find any information on how to diagnose this further. The only thing I know to do is too expensive for trial and error. I don't want to buy the PCM or the TCM if they are not bad. Any help you can give would be most appreciated.


posted by  Landshark

I hate to say this, but it looks like your PCM has seen better days. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Ok from what you have said, you seem to have two problems. Did both codes happen at the same time?

The P1698 means the TCM (transmission control unit) is not communicatng with the PCM. Could be just loss of power (voltage) to the TCM.

Ok you lost the wipers, the air condiioning, dash lights, instruments, and rear deforster. It seems to me there is a bad wire or plug somewhere. I would check the big wires you find in the all the bundles and plugs. It should be an easy fix. Shake all the wires you can get to, both inside and under the hood. Do it with the wipers on so you can tell when you get the jackpot. For the PCM to set codes an awful lot of things inside it have to be working plus you never said the engine quits. If the engine runs good PCM. P0403 says that the voltage is low in the EGR valve circuit, this could be caused by the same loose wire.

Lets us know.

posted by  jcutsh


I was wondering if your problem has ever been solved. I am also experiancing the same problems with the cluster going off and the P1698 code appearing. It seems our problem is not an isolated one.


posted by  yzffer

I have a 1997 Caravan 3.3L V6. My check engine light is constantly on and I get a code P1698 with a OBM-II reader. I cannot reset it either.
Intermittantly, I loose all guages on the Instrument panel, the Check Engine light goes out, but the ABS light comes on. Turning the van off & on a couple of times seems to clear up the problem with the Instrument panel.
The P1698 code is for the TCM, but it reports back to the PCM, and the PCM controls the Instrument Panel. I suspect I have a bad PCM.
Any other ideas?

posted by  tomdon1

This P1698 code refers to PCM and TCM data communications. Either one or the other or both could be bad, or you could have a loose connection as already indicated. If this is occurring on these vehicles in large numbers such as might be suggested by several members here, has anyone thought to contact the dealer to determine if there are any TSB's/recalls on these vehicles for this type of problem? I don't know specifically about the caravans but suspect it is the case; but on many new cars, the instument cluster houses some main computer circuitry (pcm connections and the like) and if there is a problem with the communications either from or to it, there can be multiple electrical anomalies experienced by the driver. I would turn this type of thing over to Chrysler engineering because it sounds as if there is a problem with their product. It MAY be a wiring issue, but from the looks of it, it probably is more complicated than that. Wiggle testing all the wiring certainly won't hurt a thing though.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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