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Anyone out there who has a 1995 Ford Windstar and their sliding door has fallen of the back track PLEASE call the motor safety government agency. In Canada it is Transport Canada.

My van's sliding door has fallen off twice! I've found references on the Web to other people having the same problem with their Windstar 95 sliding doors but it seems as if people don't report this, so the gov't cannot make Ford do a recall.

Transport Canada has now opened a file on this, and I've been researching the problem, and have some info for anyone interested. Please contact me here or at my email address if you've had a sliding door problem with your Windstar 95.

posted by  windstar95

My door just fell off this passed weekend; the runner along the side came out of the track near the end and seems to want to bind up at the opening. Can you tell me anything about getting it fixed?


posted by  csf01

hi, my sliding door came off too! i dont know what to do.. i cant believe this has happen to other people too something needs to be done about this... its not normal. i need to know your email so i can contavt you and see who to contact to get a recall on this..PLEASE HELP! thanks

posted by  95windstar

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