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when i do get it into 5th gear the clutch just sticks to the back and doesnt come out again and no there is no grinding noise!!!

posted by  MasterMechan1c

what just happened? i'm shifting up to 5th and then it just shifts down to 4th then 3rd without me doing anything? whats the problem?

posted by  MasterMechan1c

Let's keep the problems of the same vehicle in the same thread...especially when posted the same day...same hour...same minute?

posted by  BavarianWheels

Ok kid, your not telling us anything we can use. If you don't communicate with us, the guys aren't going to want to help you. There is some of the best help in the world here but you gotta do your part.

Now try again, Nothing you have said so far makes any sense. This time use about 500 words and really explain the problem. Use big words like clutch peddle, gear shift, speed it occurred, normal driving, etc.
You got to tell us who, what, when, where, and why.
What happens when you let off the gas, when does the peddle return? What happen sitting still? Does it smell?
Why should you be able to type just 5 words and we type 200? We're trying to save you a little money here, but you got to help.

Don't start another thread.

Go ahead now.

Thanks Bav. :)

posted by  jcutsh

Let me ask you something. Just how many RPMs are you turning when you attempt to go into 5th gear?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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