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i just bought a 89' camaro RS for $650 t-top and all beautiful car BUT the previous oweners wife put a cutlass ciera key in the ignition and it is stuck in there. is there any way to get it out without replaceing the igntion switch? or a way of bypassing the key? if there is no way what tools am i going to need to replace the switch? any specialty tools? also is the passkey ting involved in this cause the original key she had for it had no such chip in the key but the ignition switch was replaced before and i dont know if that feature was removed. PLEASE HELP!!!!! email me back @ subj: camaro thanks!!!

posted by  colinlesser

I moved this'll receive more input...I will stress that an intro is always nice, prior to asking a question, also, people will reply here rather than email you I'm afraid. Think of it from somone else who has a similar problems point of view, they wont be able to see or respond to your email :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Only thing I can suggest is to take it to a Locksmith. They might be able to remove the key, but if they can't I would replace the Ignition for the you have a light in your dash that lights up when the ignition is put to on "Security" (mine does, and mine is a 91)..if so then it may need the passkey..but I am not sure about that... Hope this helps..ItsMe

posted by  ItsMe

Take some pliers and pull the jammed key STRAIGHT out. If you don't pull it straight, you could break it off in the ignition switch which will cause you to have to replace it.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I have gotten the key out of the ignition but it is still stuck between the crank position and off i cant get it to turn back or forward all the way i can slide the normal key into it but still wont move! I had to get it towed to my apartment today after going trough trying to get the wheel off. i got the wheel off but i later discovered after i got pass the C clip i needed TORX tools! i swear sometimes i just wanna grab a sledge hammer and... well anyway ive gotten off track. My car does NOT have the Passkey installed from what i can tell there is no resistor or chip in the key, but there is a security light on the dash but it is off (DEAD BATTERY) so it might be activated or not. Is there a way to unstick the cylender so i can turn it ? or if i get the TORX tools are there any more suprises behind that? i would gladly appreciate any input thanks!

posted by  colinlesser

Replace the ignition switch. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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