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My Drivers Side Rear Wheel Is Stuck On The Car! I Discovered This When I Was Changing My Brake Pads, All 3 Other Wheels Came Off And Went Back On Easily.(this Was The First Time I Took The Wheels Off Since I Bought It) When I Would Put The Socket Onto The Lug Nut It Was Just Slowly Spining-so I Stopped So The Nut Wouldnt Strip All The Way. Since That Didnt Work I Pounded A 11/16 Socket Onto The Nuts And Actually Got 3 Off! (theres 5) I Worked With The Other 2 Nuts And Finally Got 1 Of Them Off. The Last One Is Totally Rounded, No Edges At All. So The Only Thing I Could Think Of Was To Chizzle It Off-bad Idea! As Soon As I Started Chizzling The Nut Just Smushed Up Against The Wheel Stud.. I Need Help ...please!!! If U Have Any Idea Please Email Them To Me I Would Really Appriciate It!
Thanks, Chris

posted by  98DodgeNeonRT

Break it off by any means you have. (dont be too rough) Replace all studs and nuts.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Yep basically you are screwed, glued and tatooed. You'll have to break, bust, jam, hammer or beat the living shit out of it until you bust it off if there are no edges at all on the nut left. If you damage the rim you will have to replace that too as well as anything else that you damage in the process...lugs, studs, rim, etc. Gotta hate it when that happens :hi:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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