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:banghead: I have gotten the key out of the ignition in my 89 camaro RS but it is still stuck between the crank position and off i cant get it to turn back or forward all the way i can slide the normal key into it but still wont move! I had to get it towed to my apartment today after going trough trying to get the wheel off. i got the wheel off but i later discovered after i got pass the C clip i needed TORX tools! i swear sometimes i just wanna grab a sledge hammer and... well anyway ive gotten off track. My car does NOT have the Passkey installed from what i can tell there is no resistor or chip in the key, but there is a security light on the dash but it is off (DEAD BATTERY) so it might be activated or not. Is there a way to unstick the cylender so i can turn it ? or if i get the TORX tools are there any more suprises behind that? i would gladly appreciate any input thanks!

posted by  colinlesser

I have already given you the answer to your problem, no need to make a new thread. And besides, it's against the rules. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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