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My daughter owns a 1999 Plymouth Breeze with the 2.0 L, 4 cylinder engine and automatic transmission.

She purchased the car used with roughly 81,000 miles on it. Shortly after purchasing the car the oil pan plug popped out after the car had been driven about 10 miles on the freeway. The plug popped out not while it was running but about 5 minutes after it was turned off. I say popped out because the original drain plug had been replaced with an "expandable" plastic or hard rubber plug.

The oil pan drain plug hole was stripped so the oil pan including a new drain plug was replaced. After about 1000 miles the cam sensor gasket popped partially out of the engine resulting in an oil leak. We replaced the gasket and about 400 miles later it popped partially out again.

I am wondering if there is excessive crankcase pressure causing the plug and then gaskets to pop out. The car passes smog testing as if it were new. It does not smoke, burn, or use oil.

As pressure sneaks past the rings in all engines what system is used on this engine to relieve the pressure? Is it possible a relief valve, vent, breather, or something similar is plugged, crimped, or other wise restricted? I can't find what relieves pressure in the engine and do not have a factory repair manual (trying to get one) to refer to.


posted by  BustedKnuckles

The system used to ventilate the crankcase is called PCV.

Take the oil cap off (where you put oil in). If there is any pressure in the crankcase (which I highly doubt thats why this stuff has "popped off") when you take off the oil cap and start the car, you will see the gases that excaped from the piston rings be coming out from there.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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