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Hello, I'm new here from UK and found this forum from google.

I got a 96 Ford Escort 1.8 AC Petrol car. Initially the problem is about cooling fan. When the engine switched off, normally the fan went off as well. But couples of weeks ago, the fan just could not stop running for more than 2 hours. So I plug off the temp sense, but it was still running until plugged off the connector to fan itself. Since AC on will force the fan runing, I tested it but found that when fan is on, the car will stall with a electronic warning. Therefore I suspend something is wrong with cooling fan relay. The funny thing is the local Ford Dealer told me there is not any cooling fan relay in my car model. According the ford escort manual, my car's auxiliary fuse is just beside battery, and it indeed has a Engine Cooling fan fuse. Would its fault cost the problem? Should I replace the Engine Cooling fuse. If yes, can I do it by myself.

Many thanks for your help.

posted by  xinkun

Anyone can help??

posted by  xinkun

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