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Recently my transmission on a 1990 model Nissan Pathfinder quit. This is a 3 liter automatic 4wd. I found a reasonably priced trans at a local salvage yard purchased and installed the trans. Everything fell together like clockwork what a surprise. Drove the car two or three weeks without a problem but last night it quit just like the first trans. Motor runs but the trans will not engage in any gear, fluid levels are up to standard, if the car is allowed to sit and then started again the trans will engage for a short period of time but the problems return. Fluid is clean filter is clean no strange noises the torque converter is the one that came with the salvage trans.

I hope someone can provide some assistance at troubleshooting this problem. I really hate to pay transmission shop rates especially since I now am experienced at the removal and reinstallation of this transmission.

posted by  cecilled

There are just so many things that could be wrong here. Bad pump, Bad valve body, clogged filter, bad torque converter, and the list goes on. My guess is as good as yours basically.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I was afraid of that. seems like I need to carry the trans to a professional. I was just hoping that there was something simple that I might have overlooked that could easily be repaired or tested without having to drop the transmission again and pay that hugh price that a shop wants to look at a transmission. Thanks much

posted by  cecilled

My 91 pathfinder has had the same problem you described, the first time it happened i changed the converter and it worked for a few weeks, yesterday i stopped at a traffic light, and when i tried to move forward i heard a loud noise and all of the gears refused to go in, what is causing this problem?

posted by  Kirby

Still working on the problem just not diligently. What I have found thus far seems to indicate that the problem is in the forward pump. I am trying to talk myself into attempting this project but I may not. Most folks tell me that I should just have the transmission rebuilt if I am going to open the case to replace the pump. So basically I am still puzzled.

posted by  cecilled

Please HELP! Im having pretty much the same problems with my 1994 Pathfinder. This may be a long story but plese read it! I bought the car from a lady for real cheap because it seemed to have a bad transmission. She said it would hardly move, just slipped. The tranny was already half way out so I didnt test drive it or anything. I was planning on buying a whole new tranny but I figured I might as well tear it apart and see if there is anything obviously wrong with it that would be easy to fix. So I pull the transmission out and take it apart. I see that there is a broken clutch pack in there so I figure that is the problem, simple fix! I buy a complete rebuild kit for it and replace all the clutch plates and filter. I put the car back together figuring the problem is solved! I put it in drive and gas it and it just sits there! Dosnt move an inch! I was so pissed! I sat in the car for several minutes gasing it and I noticed it actually started to move a little bit. I found out that when the transmission is cold it dosnt move at all, but when it is warmed up it actually moves a little bit, but not much, just slips really bad. That is the exact symptoms that the lady gave me I bought it from. So now im starting to think that the clutch pack that was broken was just the reverse clutch pack and had nothing to do with the problem. Im guessing she was probably just driving it without reverse. So now what? It wont move, it just slips in all grears! I decided to pull the valve body off tonight. I got it off and found out that there was some small peices from the broken plates stuck in the tunnels in the valve body. It dosnt look like that little bit of debris is enough to cause a symptom that bad though? Is it possible that a valve was stuck from the debris? Could it be a bad torque converter? Can a bad torque converter cause slipping like that? I talked to a mechanic and he said slipping like that cant be caused from a bad torque converter. Is he wrong? Can the torque converter be clogged from the debris? Well, Im going to clean the valve body really good and stick it back in the transmission. If that dosnt work, I guess im going to pull the whole transmission back out again, take it apart, inspect it again, and if it looks good I guess Ill put a new torque converter in it and hopefully it will solve the problem. Also, could the band adjustment cause slipping? When I had the tranny out I inspected the oil pump and it looked great! Someone please help!

posted by  aaronrider

Whoops, sorry for the double post! :laughing:

posted by  aaronrider

I am having some problem with my 1995 Pathfinder in which in the mornings the car will change gears from 1st to 3rd and will not downshift when I approach a stop light. I believe that it could be the valve body in the transmission and that I might have a valve sticking. Is it easy to remove from the transmission? What is involved and where can I get the parts for it?

Any help is greately apreciated

posted by  JPtester

Sounds like it might be a sticking solenoid. I would definetley replace them. Its not that hard, just pull the oil pan off and you should be able to replace them without having to pull off the valve body or anything. I forget where I purchased them when I replaced them, but I got them all for $80 which is a great deal.

posted by  aaronrider

As you could tell it has been a while since that was posted but due to finances and maybe a little lazy I still have not approached the beast. That sounds like a feasible solution. At least it is not just a hunting expedition. I will give it a try. If it works you have the birthrights to my second born, I kind of like my first and she is almost grown. Thanks again. Pardon the attempt at humor it is early.


Looked back at the previous posts, did not realize that you had similar problems. Sorry I did not remember from before. No disrespect. You obviously have a bit more patience than I or are more stubborn. Anyway, the selinoids do seem like an excellent idea. I assume that this corrected your Pathfinder problems. Great. Thanks again

posted by  cecilled

Yep, I replaced the solenoids and the transmission runs perfect now. From now on whenever I am having transmission problems, I am always going to check the solenoids first. They seem to be a very common problem and are pretty easy to fix. If I can remember correctly, there are 4 solenoids in there. 2 shifting solenoids, 1 torque converter lockup solenoid, and 1 oil pressure solenoid, I think. It turns out that the oil pressure one was to blame. But it is a good idea to replace all of the solenoids even if you know which one is bad, as long as you can find them cheap enough. Anyways, good luck! :thumbs:

posted by  aaronrider

I just won a bid for a 91 Nissan pathfinder. The seller says the only problem with the truck is that it will not go in reverse, says its having tranny trouble. I need help, im going to attempt to try and repair this myself for numerous reasons, mainly lack of funds. I have no clue on how to even approach this problem and I am in dire need of help. I need this truck on the road ASAP. I was wondering if any of you encountered such a problem or if you would know what would be causing this and if there is anything short of replacing the whole tranny that I can do to fix it. Feel free to E-mail any solutions to BurtonErnie3ii@aol.com .

Greatly appreaciated...

posted by  BurtonErnie311

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