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Hi everyone...

i've got a '91 Dodge Daytona, 2.5 liter 100 hp 4 cyl...it just decided to cut out on me the other day...driving down the road about 55mph, and the engine just stopped....when i got over to the side of the road, my oil gauge was showing very low...checked the dipstick, showed no oil...put 2 quarts in, car wouldn't restart...would turn over, but not fire...had a friend look at it, he checked the fuel line, and the fuel pump, etc...he thinks it's the timing belt...what kind of damage did i do to the car if it is the belt? and how difficult is it to replace the belt? any help would be appreciated...

Storm :ohcrap:

posted by  StormHawke

Storm, Its not a hard job to do ,takes about 2 1/2 hours, Now if you have never done one it would be best for you to get a book on it or get help from a mechanic. Most of the time it doesn't hurt valves ,jack up car and remove all pullys ,block up engine and remove timeing covers (upper an lower) remove right side mount ,if you have AC unbolt the comp.and just move it aside,donot disconect lines they will flex enough to get it out of your way.turn engine over till no.1 cly is up ,you can do this at the crank,then loosen belt tensioner and remove old belt ,line up all timing marks and install new belt adjust tensioner back to snug. Check book for line up.there is 3 gears that you have to set. There is a trick you can do on these to give you more power on low end by advanceing the cam timing by one(1) tooth on the cam gear,this works out great ,check out www.allpar.com .they do all the chy tricks. like I said if you haven't done one get help. good luck Slimone :hi:

posted by  Slimone

thanks for the info, Slimone...sounds like i should be able to manage it with a little help...hopefully that's all that's wrong with the car...


posted by  StormHawke

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