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Howdy folks from sunny Sacramento iM A 46 YR old shade tree mechanic with a tricky little problem with my 1994 Chrysler Lebaron Conertible 3.0 v-6
it has an electrical problem of the weirdest kind symptoms are: A/c dead no dan no nothing no click at all, power windows dead also no sound nothing when i hit the switches all four no response from any switch. alsop airbahg lite on dash lites up when ignition turned on and goes out after a few seconds like normal buit then comes back on and stays on, also no signals either flashers work brake lites also work radio ok, electric top also dosent work and electric seats work . I checked all fuses and uner dash panel all fuses were good in the panel under the hood a large 20 am p fuse was blown and it shows that its for my a/c clutch and my radiator fan. I replaced it and no change. Now the tricky part is about a year ago my fan stopped working so to test it i ran a hot wire to the fan to see if it was the motor or the sensor and the motor was fine so to get me by until payday I just ran the hot wire off the fuse box so the fan came on and stayed on anytime the key was turned on "temporary fix thats been like that for a year or so now lol. Anyway the fan no longer works at all. Any Ideas on what could cause this ?? Computer Maybe?? I sure could use any advise you may have for me, I am prepared for the flames re the hotwire to fan deal. :banghead:

posted by  l8nyte916

I had that happen in a Ford, turned out to be the ignition module. I can't really suggest that's may be whats wrong with your car because I've never seen a wiring diagram of that car. :ohcrap:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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