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I have a 1987 Lincoln town car the car ran until oct 2003 and was parked for the winter. come spring a charged battery was insalled. no spark is comming from the coil. coil is good. spark module is good distributor changed ecm as reistance at the power and corisponding pins. now what should I check next.

posted by  ihc96

Check your connections and make sure everything is hooked up the way it's supposed to be....any critters make nests under the hood during the winter??? Look for chewed wires if so.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

what was the primary and secondary resistances on the ignition coil?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

If there is spark at the coil, meaning you took the coil wire off the distributer cap, and placed it close to the tower and saw a spark, then the problem is downstream. Very highly likely to be the distributer cap. It can go bad with no visual sign at all.

If the coil is good and theres no spark at the distributer cap.... then its the plug wire from the coil to the cap.

IT could possibly be every single plug wire ( not likely) has rotted. After the wires the only thing possible is the plugs. Youve reached the end then. You must be wrong at that point and the coil itself has gone bad or perhaps its not connected right/ something has corroded in its connection. You go upstream from there.

posted by  stamar

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