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Car Specs: 1990 GEO Prizm, Auto Shift. Sorry but that's all I know, and I lost the car manual. :banghead:

My problem is that the breaking lights won't turn off after I turned off the engine and the lights.

First, only one of the breaking lights wouldn't turn off (the one on the left). I thought I forgot to turn off the lights, but it wasn't that. I tried to replace a new bulb, but the problem remained. To dodge the problem, I took out the bulb entirely.

Then, a few weeks later, while driving, my gf decided to be "cute" ( :screwy: ) and switched the "stick" (don't know what it's called) from Drive to Neutral. As you might have guessed what happened next, the car made a "clunk" sound and stopped dead. I had to turn off the engine and restarted it again. After getting home, I noticed the other breaking light (the one on the right) wouldn't turn off either.

My car is such that when the lights are on and the car is working properly, the breaking lights are dim, and when I break, they become brighter. But with this problem, the lights are bright as if I'm breaking, yet I'm not breaking, and the engine and the lights are turned off.

Could you please shed some lights (no pun intended) on this situation for me? What do you think caused this problem? Is this something that can be fixed by a newbie? I really want to learn to how fix my own car, and I'm guessing (and oh so hoping) this is a good place to start.

Thank you in advance for your help.

posted by  rookie7

Hi , sounds like you have a bad body ground to me ,check the neg. at the battery, it should have a 10 gage wire running from the batt. to the fender ,thats is your body ground . now see if you stop light switch is adjusted ,It is under the dash on the brake pedal support ,when the pedal is up the switch should be up againest the rod,that shuts off the lights, if not adjust it. not real sure about your car but most stop lights run threw the turn switch . so you might have a bad switch also, good luck Slim :banghead:

posted by  Slimone

Thanks for your reply Slim. So glad you can help me out. :clap: :clap: I'm gonna have to google for those car words that I don't know (e.g. fender, 10 gage wire, dash, brake pedal support...). Yes, that's how stupid I am. :banghead:

Hope you'll still be around when I try to fix it. :D

Thanks again.

posted by  rookie7

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