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I just bought a 350 lt 5.7 non egr and before i got it the guy said it has been in storage for three years brand new never cranked so now i try to turn it over but the starter motor cant turn it. right now im using a crow bar hooked up to the crank pulley i have allready oiled the crankshaft and i have removed the heads and the cylinders are in great shape i did noticed it has been bored .40 over do yall have any ideas to get this motor turning freely again ? sombody has told me to remove the connecting rod bearings and soak them in oil. but im not really sure what is stickin everything in new and in great condition i know new engines are tight but this one is a lil bit too tight oh and im pretty sure all the clearances are good too.
thanks for looking

posted by  pluemer15

Hello, why not drop the oil pan and check out the rod and main bearings,and put some white grease on each one so you are not turning DRY also you can put a little oil in each cly. also while your there plastigage the bearings . Have fun Slimone

posted by  Slimone

Well, we can all jump in on this one and state what to try and not to....but the obvious is that you will need to find out why she's tight. Either piston(s) stuck, main bearings, connection rod bearing or cam related. I'd follow Slim's sug. to check mains out then go from there. Is there ANY movement or is it LOCKED good and tight? If you have a crowbar on the crank and nothing, then I'd think for your sanity as well as in the best interest of the engine, you probably will beed to pull it down and check it all out. Even if you get it to start like that, you might have internal issues that will screw it up. Good luck. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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