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I just sent in my 1995 Honda Accord EX which had just started running rough (both while idling and accelerating). At about the same time, the Check Engine Light (CEL) illuminated as well. I did some research and managed to find out that the ECU was indicating a fault code of 71 indicating that Cylinder 1 was mis-firing.

I brought the car to the mechanic and he confirmed the fault saying that the compression from cylinder 1 was only about 25 while the rest was about 90. He suspects a leak and says that the job would cost at least $1,500 with a top end of $2,200.

I was wondering if there could be an another cause for the low compression? And also if the price quote for the job was reasonable?

Thanks a bunch.

posted by  timyap

for that much money, i hope hes giving u a new metal head gasket with arp studs and a full engine machining and a few blowjobs.

my opinion is that its possible that the headgasket has failed around that cylinder (usually the biggest cause of compression loss is due to the HG).

if thats the case, take the engine immediately to get serviced. u will MOST probably need to machine the head and get new head studs and a new head gasket.

i recommend a metal head gasket by greddy or hks (both will work fine, but hks offers some for a bit more money that seal even better). those may cost from $120-$340, depending on which one u choose. the ARP head studs only cost around $120. as for the machining of the head..... one guy offered to do it to my engine for just $300 including some custom work to make things easier for next time. but ive seen some people get charged around $800 (usually very serious cases, lets hope ur not one of them).

another thing that might have happened was that the ring from the #1 piston has failed or something.... then u would need to have the cylinder checked. maybe it was just an O-Ring from the headgasket (a friend of mine got all 4 replaced on his prelude months ago, only cost him around $90 for the o-rings and work n something else).

it really depends on wats the actual problem, hopefully its the last one which shouldnt be too serious (unless luck is against u).

posted by  Inygknok

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