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Hi Guys

I`ve got a Au falcon 98 with Lpg, She runs fine when she on petrol, but she cant seem to idle when i`m using LPG ?. does any one have any ideas ?

posted by  KrIX`

my bad if this is a stupid question but.... wtf is LPG? Low Priced Gas?

posted by  Inygknok

heres about all i know about Lpg

posted by  KrIX`

gotta tell ya, this is the very first time i hear of a car successfully running in propane. ive heard of bikes and other things, but not a car. it sounds pretty koo, and i agree with the whole inefficiency of old cars (go 80's supras! :laughing:).

anyhow, sorry that i cant be of any help but i really dont know anything on this subject. gl with that.

PS: maybe theres something jammed or stuck or in the system? maybe a tune is needed?

posted by  Inygknok

thanks for ya help any way, its pritty common over here to have them running on lpg, -

posted by  KrIX`

What type of setup do you have a single or quad port tank? Do you have a moisture filter? when was it last changed? Do you have LPG ECU???

get back to me and ill probibly be able to help you out.

LPG is 1/2 the price of petrol in the uk!

posted by  cinqyg

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