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Hey there. I have a 1989 Honda Accord Se-I. Started fine for awhile, then after a near monsoon it started not starting each time. Sometimes i'll go out and start it and bam starts right up, other times it cranks and cranks and nothing happens.

thing is...whoever installed the radio before i got it didnt put one of the rubber boots back into the firewall and it flooded part of my car.

had it checked out once by a friend and he said the fuel pump wasnt kicking in so he wired it up and BAM started up.

picked it up the other day and it started right up after sitting for a month and started right up each time for 3 days, today i go to start it and nothing, just cranks..it didnt rain or anything either.

any clues



posted by  floorpie

ur a lady, so ill be nice and so will everyone else (uh huh....).

so ill let ya know wat u gotta do before anyone else does..... plz introduce urself first, else u really wont get any help

posted by  Inygknok

well its most likely an ignition problem. u have the distributor cap spark wires spark plugs, coil (primary and secondary), and the battery itself. check the starter motor as well to see if something isnt right. if the ignition is in working order then do something before checking the fuel system. check the damn air filter/throttlebody and make sure there aren't any friggin leaves in it. trust me people i know there are the types that exist and they go to a mech and get charged shi*tl**ds. dont ask them how it got there though.

posted by  VMJYogi

That doesnt really follow logic to me to think it is an ignition problem.

You already had a problem with the fuel pump that your friend fixed by 'hooking something up' i would most likely think the problem is in the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel pump on this car? Is it in the fuel tank and he got it to start by banging on it? It could be gummed up and he got it started but its days are still numbered.

If its external, which I doubt but I will write this out in case it is, and he catually got it started by cleaning or fastening down the wires.... well, follow the wires from the battery all the way to the fuel pump and check each line and connection. To and from the fuses.

I do not have a reference Im looking at for this year of honda accord. But I have worked on accords around that year and they definitely were fuel injected single feul pump in the gas tank thingees.

Now I could go through a whole no start trouble shooting guide with you but first ask your friend exactly what he did to start the car before and describe it better here.

where is the fuel pump? do you hear it operating when you turn the key? ( it starts right at ignition position 1.)

posted by  stamar

See my post at

Main Relay failure is common in Hondas/Accords of that vintage

posted by  gravistar

The SE-I accord is fuel injected and should have the fuel pump inside the tank...All fuel injected Hondas i've come across have been that way. As stamar said, make sure the fuel pump is at least turning on by turning the key to the "on" position, when all of the dash lights come on. You should hear a faint whine from the fuel pump for a few seconds if it is operating.

posted by  ZanCRX

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