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My 95 wagon has 120 k on it. Is there an easy way to adjust the clutch as it seems to studder intermittenly. Could this be a glazed condition on the flywheel ?

posted by  ninertango

depends on what u mean by studder umm... intermittantly (think thats spelling). If u mean shudder could be a loose engine shaft. pray its not. could be a improperly worn flywheel. pray it is. or an improperly worn clutch disc. pray its not. or some other parts that could cause shuddering. like a worn bearing. best bet is to take off the tranny and inspect everything. do it now be4 u have more expenses to worry about. and if it only happens during breaking then ur way off. its just the break rotors.

posted by  VMJYogi

Upon further research I believe it could be a fuel delivery issue. I still have the original fuel pump and it may be a fuel filter problem also. It could also be spark plug wires. I will start with the filter first and go from there.

posted by  ninertango

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