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Ok, tonight i was driving my 1988 ford taurus on a dirt road, going about 40 (yeah, way to fast) and hit a couple of pot holes pretty hard....anyway, i didnt notice anything so i just kept going....anyway, on pavement at about 65 i thought it was shaking some, but i blew it off as uneven pavement. when i got back into town, and came to a stop, i thought it was shaking just a little, and i heard a little sound, but didnt worry til i started going again, at which point i felt like the car was working against itself, like it was draggin something, and it was shaking bad, and putting real bad, which is has never done, sounded like a idler problem....and it started making noise on corners....and it dies sometimes (alot if im not careful ) when i start it and put it into gear (its an auto)

whats wrong with it, and how much will it cost to fix?

posted by  Olo_Eopia

the first thing that i can say is, that the main problem in the car is a very serious one and could cost u a very pretty penny (maybe a shiney quarter).

i believe i can safely tell u that the whole problem is just the driver. :banghead:

posted by  Inygknok

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