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Ok well first time being here but i just wanted some help im trying to buy my first car of my friend for $100 but the catch is it wont switch outa 1st gear,
i have my suspisions,such as maybe a sensor for up shifts is burnt out or maybe a vacume module but i need some more precise critiques.


posted by  Jaked

I would say don't buy it unless you want to spend the bucks to replace the trans. shifting is controled thru the ECM and signals it get from switchs in the trans ,and if one or more isn't doing its job it takes a trans man to replace them.and that can be costly. good luck Slim :screwy:

posted by  Slimone

First off, what's this mean: "im trying to buy my first car of my friend for $100" Are you buying this from a friend for 100 to be your first car or are you helping a friend buy a car and it is the first time you've done that? :banghead: Did you mean "i'm trying to buy my first car off my friend....."

Jacob, not to sell you short of the full farm, but shooting straight to the point assuming you are buying this for yourself.......a 1994 Taurus for 100 bucks ain't gonna be a tip top notch automobile. I hope you know the seller really well or know what you are doing but better yet, BOTH. 1994 Ford vehicles are not known for being fantastically reliable and issue free esp. when they are 10 years old. What is the mileage and condition? It's more than likely being sold for 100 bucks for a DAMN good reason and the reason more than probably is that the cost of repairs FAR exceeds the net value of the vehicle at this point. If you only have 100 bucks to put towards owning a vehicle, then the nicest way I can say it is that you might want to save some bucks and wait till you can obtain something a little more sound of a deal. Tranny's in those 1994 Tauruses are electronically controlled by the ecu/pcm and trans controller and you have provided FAR sub-optimal information for anyone on here such as myself or anyone else to accuratly even START to help you. Transmission work is not cheap nor is any other auto work if you dont do it yourself. Not sure if you do work yourself or not.

What I fail to understand is here you have someone with no more than 100 bucks to purchase a car with, you're buying a FORD on top of it all and to make matters worse it is 10 years old. (1994 Taurus is prone to some seriously expensive issues at 10 years old). Why would you only have 100 bucks to spend, then buy a car where you know you are going to need 100's or maybe 1000's of $$ to work on it. Why not take the money or save it and get something totally more sound of a deal. The only caveat is this: Maybe your friend is giving you a break because they dont need the money and you dont have it, so the car is not in too bad a shape and you only feel you will have to spend a little to get a fairly reliable car......is that your situation? I just saw a chance for common sense to jump in and state itself if the latter is not the case. Good luck with the car.....if you get some details on the mechanical integrity of the car, perhaps we can assist. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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