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First time post on these boards.

I recently got myself a car and license. We've had this car since 1996 when we bought it new. It is a 1996 Ford Explorer. MY Step-dad has kept it up ever since we got it. It has 120000~ miles on it, but it's so kept up the miles don't mean a thing to me (of course it means something to oil changing, etc)

Anyways, the battery and the cables hooked to the battery have BAD corrosion. How do I get rid of this? I goggled some answers, but all they tell me is baking soda and water. Ok I understand that, but do I rub it on? use a rag? Toothbrush?

Can anyone clarify this for me?? THank you so much!!!

That is my main problem. Second issue is the engine itself. WHat can I do to make sure it is running clean and has a lot of ventilation (if needed?) I mean what can I do to the engine itself to make sure it is clean and "healthy"

Thanks again!

posted by  snowdude


read this first

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Hi. I happened to see your query on cleaning battery terminals with Carb Soda. This IS a great remedy! I put a heap (about 2 tablespoons or more) of carb soda in an old saucepan, then add very hot water. Then all you have to do is POUR this mix over the terminals and leads. Repeat if needed. Good Luck!

posted by  ollietom1944

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