99 olds alero wont start.....possible gm passslock ?

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My alero wouldnt start this morning. I already replaced the fuel filter. The fuel pump runs and it will turn over and fire and run for a second, but as soon as I let off the key the car dies. Also, my electric door locks, int. lights, and truck release switch also dont work. The funny thing is, my stereo and windows still work. Alsothere is a "security" dummy light that was on the previous day while it was running. Any help, ideas, or fixes wwould be greatly appreciated, so i dont have to wipe out my account at the dealership.

posted by  brandonclose

Here's a fool proof tip in dealing with all GM cars. :hi: hehe once u get tired of there problems, which I KNOW gives a lot a freakn' headache :banghead: ditch the car and get a Honda. Any honda would work. :smoke: That's what my dad did after he got tired of fixing his Ford Pinto, overwhelming amounts of Fiats, and many other cars :mrgreen:

posted by  allroundcarguy2

I am (and have been) having the same problem. How did you resolve this issue?

Yesterday: Big Rain Storm
Result: My car won't start. Shows same symptoms you described above.

It all started last year after a big rain storm. The door locks wouldn't open and it wouldn't start. I had it towed to a dealer for analysis, but it started just fine in the morning before they could look at it.

No problems again for about 6 months, until we got another downpour. -- Then the same issues cropped up again.

Since then, I had to change the battery (normal lifespan, so no issues here) and change the alternator.

Please let me know what you did to resolve this painful issue. Thanks!

posted by  alero_owner

check out the problems with malibu's its gm's sister car to the alero's

posted by  osborste

alot of moisture in the air and it seems that the sensitive electronics in your car misbehave.i would take a blow drier and heat up,(not cook) all the electronic junctions,wires,the fuse/relay box,ignition components..there is a product that gm have for the techs that displaces moisture,its called DPL
AFTER YOU DRY ALL THE COMPONENTS,spray this stuff and it creates a water barrier.some circuits are so subcepible to moisture that it will have a reistance change enough to cause a malfunction.....let me know.

posted by  the lobster

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