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I have a 74' El Camino with a rebuilt 350 2-BBL engine. I live in arizona and it tends to overheat in the afternoon, and on occasion in the morning or evening, when it is running at an idle such as at a parking lot or red light. It doesn't overheat when i'm driving, but on hotter days, it doesn't cool down after an idle while driving. I've replaced the Thermostat (twice, first one was faulty) and housing, Water pump, EGR valve, points, and the fan (no clutch to a thermal clutch). I've also flushed the radiator, set the timing, set the points, and tuned it up. It only looses about 1/4" of coolant/water a week if that, so i don't think it is a head gasket, but anything could happen.

I have thought about replacing the fan and clutch with a flex fan, preferably a 7-blade, but someone at lopers, a performance parts warehouse, said it would drain the engine's power and cause it to overheat even more. Does that seem right?

Thank you for your help in advance (in case i forget later),
Matt Hamilton

p.s. if you need any more info, please ask.

posted by  hamiton40

why not just go with double electric fans that blow alot of air?

down here in PR it gets really hot too (duhh, its the tropics). not every day ofc, but it does happen often, specially in the humid season. the same thing happens with my little bitchy supra, so im gonna give her a new fluidyne radiator and double electric fans (though some single fans blow even more air, some flexalite fans blow 2500 CFM and another single fan i found blew 2700, but i still wonder if the flexalites were 2500 total or per fan).

wat do u mean by a flex fan? flexalite fan or a crank driven fan? crank driven fans do take away some power from the engine. around 10-15hp is wat ive heard.

posted by  Inygknok

You can't fit electric fans in older cars like mine, there's no room (without making a major modifacation). a flex fan is like any other fan except with more curvature to pull more air at an idle, and when you drive quicker, they flatten out, freeing horsepower. there are many companies who are starting this, such as imperial, flex-a-lite, hayden, etc.

here is the 7 blade flex fan by flex-a-lite.

posted by  hamiton40

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