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Hello. I have a 1993 Pontiac Sunbird V-6 3.1 liter automatic and I recently started hearing a high pitched squealing noise coming from my front wheels as I make a sharp right turn (either turning down a street or parking). The weird thing is that it doesn't happen when I turn left. Also, it stops making the noise a little bit if I press on the brakes as I turn. It doesn't make a noise when I drive straight or accelerate. I was wondering if anyone knows what is making this noise? Maybe the brakes, rotors, or power steering belt? Please respond asap so I can get this fixed....thanks.

posted by  app8715

i tink its an axle wear down .

its the opposite axle .

the noise is when you turn right so i guess its the left axle :mrgreen:

again , go to a certified garage let them check it out you dont really want people to know your problem by telepathy :screwy:

posted by  ILdriver

Can you describe any tire wear (esp on the right side)?

posted by  tbaxleyjr

You mentioned that it happens when you are parking?? This sounds more like a power steering belt to me. To test it, keep the car in park and turn your wheel all the way to the right until the wheels stop. Try to turn the wheel a little more. If it makes the same noise, then it is your belt or your power steering fluid. If it does not make the noise, then it may or may not be your belt. You should check your power steering fluid to see if you are low anyway.

The part in your description that I am questioning is where you say it "stops a little bit" when you apply the brake. Usually a belt would not be affected by applying the brake unless there is something else that you are doing while you are applying the brake (like straightening the wheels).

Hope this helps out. Good luck.

posted by  theman352001

Sound exacly like what it is.

posted by  BaCaRdi

absolutely, the problem is 99% likely to be the power steering belt.

It is loose and slipping. Then its glazing and slipping more. Tighten it. Usually it is very easy requiring one ratchet.

It would most likely slip right after you start and then once ur going it would catch better and function correctly. When its slipping you will notice much greater steering effort required.

posted by  stamar

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