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Well I have a 97 Corolla and when I accelerated today the car kinda studdered if you will, jerked, ummm (trying to think of words to describe it) well it strugled and shook when i steped on the gas, it did this a little before, but this one was big, and as soon as it stoped(saying about 8 seconds after my foot was on the gas), the check engine light poped up. It happened at like 50 mph. If you have any idea what the problem may be please help, thnx alot.

posted by  Morphias87

:evil: are you sure its a corolla

it might be a problem with the fuel injection , check injectors .

try putting those liquids you put with the fuel i forgot the name try k44

why dont you just go to a certified toyota garage and let them check the problem.

posted by  ILdriver

might even be the fuel pump..... though my mom drives a 97 roller as well and that pump hasnt died yet even with all the abuse its been given (stubborn b1tch).

but thats my guess since it happened to my supra (which i still havent bothered taking apart.... mainly cuz not having the money yet makes me lazy and very angry).

posted by  Inygknok

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