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:ohcrap: I don't know what happened. I just took my car to the tranny place for a new synchromesh (Grinding in third gear) and the lady gives me an estimate. Well on my way home i jump on the interstate and as i'm shifting into fourth, i depress the clutch and it feels wierd... I dismiss it and keep driving. Then like 4-5 minutes later, i'm cruising at about 80 MPH and everything just stops. I hit the gas and nothing happens... OK so i pull over and hit the gas... nothing happens, OH! the car's off i think to myself. I turn it on, it starts throbbing and making horrible noises then just turns off. Luckily my mom came and got me and a tow truck is getting it now. All this happened like 20 minutes ago. I GUESS I CAN CAPITALIZE ON THE SITUATION AND LOOK FOR AN H22 :laughing:

posted by  XboxFPSKing

I have a 1993 Honda Prelude Si 4WS H23a1 BTW.

posted by  XboxFPSKing

sounds like bad news... i would like to help u, but i have no idea. did the shop do anything with ur car?

whats your cars mileage?

posted by  Ki2AY

hehehehe......... another poor guy that was backstabbed by his h23.... just like my friend jay :D

anyhow, just to know wat could have happened. is the engine leaking any oil? did the head gasket melt through the corners? any fire?

some more info would seriously help.

posted by  Inygknok

When i bought the car there were like small natural oil leak that my mechanic said don't worry about. Apparently it's quite common on older cars. But it was low on oil and i just forgot to put more in :banghead: (I'm a dumbass i know). I was just driving and it like shut down, no fire or smoke or anything bad like that. I pulled over to the side of the interstate and tried to turn the car on and it like putted for a few second, i gave it gas and it died. When i popped the hood everything looked okay, but there was most like some big problem that i didn't see. Hopefully it's nothing big (Maybe like the timing belt or something).

posted by  XboxFPSKing

first of all, that mechanic is one stupid ass. no oil leak is normal, no matter how old the car is. LEAKING IS EVIL. got that? good.

as for the whole low on oil thing n such. im sorry to say this but, u might have just killed the engine. running low on oil is one of the worst things u can do next to running low on water/coolant. its true that sometimes the car gets a bit low on oil, but its nuthin major and i have seen it happen on new cars as well.

my friend jay has that same car and engine (his 92 h23a blew the head gasket, now has a 94 h23a and i had to look at that car 3 times a week). i drive an '88 turbo supra and i have no leaks whatsoever, neither does my mom's 97 corolla.

u could have either killed the crankshaft, a piston could have harmed the cylinder walls, meaning it could have broken, the headgasket might have broken a bit (though the car would still work, just would run like total crap), but i would say its more of a serious problem. did the car make any noises or jerking when it died? does it turn on at all?

posted by  Inygknok

When i turned it on after i pulled over it like putted and i hit the gas and it did nothing. Like it was throbbing, and when i hit the gas it died. It's at the shop now so i don't know what's wrong with it, as soon as i know i'll post it here. But i've been looking for new engines (The h22) and they are pretty cheap.

posted by  XboxFPSKing

What ride u got??

posted by  allroundcarguy2

read everything that was said prior to ur post

posted by  Inygknok

It was in the second post. But 1993 Honda Prelude Si 4WS H23a1.

posted by  XboxFPSKing

Hehe, another Honda bites the dust :orglaugh:

just kidding... how low was the oil in the car? and check the oil level now, 'cause i put a piston rod through the block of my toyota supra. That made a loud bang, and the oil leaked out.

posted by  Coffin Type R

It was the distributor!! That's why everything like powered down. It's fixed and my baby is up and running. But i still have to get the synchromesh fixed :/ Anyone know where i can get a tranny? Or how much they will run me? Thanks for all the help!

posted by  XboxFPSKing

When you say it was throbbing and making horrible noises... Umm thats not what a car woulds sound like when the distributor was malfunctioning. Unless it was messing up the order of the firings... But good that its only that. but u still should put oil in the car. Yes, and no oil leak is a good thing. Cars are not designed to leak at all. So if it does leak there must be a problem. That reminds me that i need to put antifreeze in my car..

posted by  VMJYogi

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