Very Big Problem...please Someone Help, WHERE CAN I GET MY CAR FIXED FROM

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Can someone please help me!!!! i am very tensed at the moment and partially very annoyed as well . i have a import celica 3S-GE (1994) & i'm from warrington. at the moment performance wise i have a K&N induction kit and a Rage SSX-50 back box. i have a few more mods but dats nothing to do wiiv da engine.

i dont know wat the hell has happened to my car but it has lost loads of power... when the car starts off , u can hear the exhaust rattle under the car and its like the whole car vibrates!!!! it has lost loads of acceleration. i have also got it decatalysed. my car wont run off the mark... its like it really struggles to gain the accleration.. its nothing due to the decat cuz this was happening b4 dat..

i have been to a few places but they cant find da bloody problem.. i went to urban racing but no luck.i even went to toyota garage in warrington& they sed nuthing came on their computer, they sed dat they can only diagnose some of the car as it is an import and they are not allowed to diagnose the whole thing.. i also went to car planet but they sed that they can book it for next month. i think ive been everywhere in warrington.

can some one please help me and tell me where i can get my car fixed from,,places in warrington and someonie near there as well...actually tell me anyuwhere and will try and go... im getting really sick of it and noone seems to know the problem. they are all stunned like me myself.

apparently toyota sed go to someone who can diagnose an import car

any ideas???? please help me!!!!

posted by  vaz86

Did you have the timing checked? a lot of times timing causes power issue, I am not sure why it would have jumped or out of wack, but why not give it a check..

posted by  BaCaRdi

Check to see if you have a huge exhuast leak, also check the fuel, air, and spark plugs

posted by  Coffin Type R

all i know is that engines run on air, fuel, and electricity. if one of these things is damaged then u'll have major problems. Now this combustion moves all things such as drivetrain, valvetrain, belts. crankshaft and connected parts. if any of THESE parts go wrong then u'll have major problems. Has to be something from this list...or a very odd EMS prob.

posted by  VMJYogi

Hey, vaz86

Did you get it fixed. I want to know because I'm having the exact problem. I have a 1988 CRX si and my car slowly started to lose it's accelerations. Now I have almost no accelerations at all. So if you fixed it I would like to know how.

posted by  spider_man200

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