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have a 8 spark plug 2.3 that when first crank it up it runs great and when after like 10 sec. it has a miss in it and won't idle while in gear if you have any suggestions let me know just got the darn thing and its started doing this.

posted by  lxmustang92

This could be anything, timing, O2 sensor. I would go over the basic here, fuel air, spark. Check your fuel filter, sparkplugs, air filter etc. Always start with the basics then move on from there.


posted by  BaCaRdi

An O2 sensor isn't likely to cause your problem...if it was an O2 sensor, the car would run quite normally and you would have an intermittent check engine light(good ol' Ford EEC-IV for ya). I would pull all eight plugs if i were you and keep them in order so you can see if any cylinders are running rich or lean....you problem could also stem from an injector being stuck open or even a clogged EGR valve...you might also want to check the EGR positioning sensor(if so equipped). I doubt it would be a clogged fuel filter, but a badly clogged air filter could be a part of the problem. Check your air filter and plugs first, if no problems are found there, then you should move on to the EGR.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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