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Hey there. :) I have a 1997 Geo Metro, 4 cylinder, with over 100,000 miles on it. In the past few months, I've noticed a strange knocking noise, accompanied by a shudder I can feel in the steering wheel, when the steering wheel is in a certain position. (This is pretty close to center.) I can also feel the shudder when I hit a speed bump (which I always hit at slow speeds.) This tends to happen when the car gets hot. I'll notice it more in summer than winter, and on long trips regardless of outside temperature.

Recent maintenance on my car:

I've recently changed my front rotors and brake pads, as they needed replacing, and I was told by a mechanic that would solve the shudder problem. It didn't solve it. (They still needed replacing, though, so all is still well.) I've also cleaned out my EGR valve today, to get the check engine service light to go out (which it did.) I had the computer codes read recently, and that was the only issue detected. I've also had the front two tires replaced within the last few weeks, as well as the oil being changed, and all fluids topped off. I had a mechanic at a service station check out my front end to try and find the problem, and he reported that there are no issues with the front end of the car.

Can anyone take a guess at what might be the problem?

Thank you. :)

posted by  Mnementh

Without driving the car or shaking the front end, I can't say for sure. I would guess CV joints, loose wheel, or other worn front end part.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I have a 94 3 cylinder metro.

Its my favorite car ( I have two right now the other one is a dodge b250)it has never given me any problems.

The steering is non power rack and pinion. lift the front wheels and turn it back and forth back and forth. Shake the lifted wheels with your hand see if there is play in the steering parts.

The CV joints are fragile. However they would normally go out and cause vibration at the beginning of each gear shift. Also they would make a clicking noise from a saftey device inside them.

If it is a shudder after a speed bump I would think it is the STruts. The first thing to do is check to see if there is a grease fitting where the strut connects on the bottom , connecting to the A arms.
Also when the car is stationary push on it from different angles to see if something is out of kilter in the suspension.

The thing weighs 1650 pounds so you should be able to figure out if from some angle the suspension is slipping.

Hope that helps it is difficult to diagnose things from a message board.

posted by  stamar

Thanks for the replies. :) I did a bounce test on it, where I pushed down on the front end to test the shocks. (read on some website that it shouldn't bounce more than once.) Went down, up and back to normal, so I don't think it's the shocks. I'll have it looked at to see if it's the CV joints or struts. Thanks again. :)

posted by  Mnementh

Ya it doesnt have shocks it has struts. Those are shocks and springs in one peice.

Hit it straight up and down and also from the side. The shock part can be functioning, however where it is connected can slip out from some angles.

posted by  stamar

I'll give that a try tommorow. Thanks. :)

posted by  Mnementh

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