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Purchased a 2001 Gran Am (SE - 6cyl) approx two years ago with 36K miles on it.. the car was and remains super clean...

Only problem I have had is with the struts... when I go over bumps I get a clear and unacceptable amount of noise as though something is hitting.

I have had the car back to the dealer (car has Extended Warranty to 96K) three times in an effort to identify and correct the problem...

The dealer initially replaced bushings, then the mounting pieces (whatever they are called) and finally the struts themselves.

Each time the noise was not eliminated but it was reduced/lessen (for a while).

I have been told by the dealer that the noise is "the way that make/model is/rides".... I find that hard to accept/swallow.

Can anyone help me????????

Does the 2001 Gran Am have a history of front suspension noise?????

Is there anyway to totally eminate the noise?


posted by  Mexaliandad

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