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Purchased a 2001 Gran Am (SE - 6cyl) approx two years ago with 36K miles on it.. the car was and remains super clean...

Only problem I have had is with the struts... when I go over bumps I get a clear and unacceptable amount of noise as though something is hitting.

I have had the car back to the dealer (car has Extended Warranty to 96K) three times in an effort to identify and correct the problem...

The dealer initially replaced bushings, then the mounting pieces (whatever they are called) and finally the struts themselves.

Each time the noise was not eliminated but it was reduced/lessen (for a while).

I have been told by the dealer that the noise is "the way that make/model is/rides".... I find that hard to accept/swallow.

Can anyone help me????????

Does the 2001 Gran Am have a history of front suspension noise?????

Is there anyway to totally eliminate the noise?


posted by  Mexaliandad

Well i cant say i do know what im really talking about but i'll try to offer help. Maybe the springs aren't the right type for the struts. Check the bolts from the top of the strut to the inner fender for any lil thing that might make noise. Not nessessarily the bolts but mayb... Make sure everything is greased up. Maybe its just squealing because the metal is rubbing. It could be other things besides the suspension like the axle, hub, anything that is connected to the wheel itself. Just if u can raise the car take off the tire (loosen it be4 u raise the car) and have a look at whatever u see. AND NO DEALER IS TO BE TRUSTED!!!! THERE SHOULD NOT BE ANY NOISE COMING FROM THE SUSPENSION. IF THERE WAS U THINK THEY'D OF LOST THAT MONEY GIVING YOU FREE BUSHINGS AND STRUTS AND MOUNTS IF THE WHOLE TIME THEY KNEW IT WOULD BE NORMAL FOR THE NOISE TO OCCUR!!! NEVER BELIEVE THEM!!!! Since u have the warranty just cause a scene. They'll get around to fixing it after you yell at someone for making that certain division of GM so incompetent with their mechanics that could not figure out the simplest of problems!!! My :2cents:

posted by  VMJYogi

The cause of the problem may be because of the brand of your car....PONTIAC. Pontiac's are cheap dude. I'm sure the car reminds you that it's cheap everytime you plunker down in the driver's seat...

But anyway..
The noise you are hearing is, quite possibly, coming from the strut assembly. When the struts go bad they will make the noise you describe going over a bump. I would replace both front struts and that should take care of the problem.

But you have to remember that it's a Pontiac....and not a Cadillac..


posted by  What

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