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Can anyone offer a solution to my overheating problem?? I have a 93 cherokee sport 2WD 4.0 engine. I have had the thermostat replaced 3 times now, it has new radiator hoses, temp sensor has been replace, radiator drain plug replaced and a new radiator cap. The gauge on the dash shows no moment of the temp indicator needle and i have check and replaced fuses as well as new relays however it still continues to overheat. I took it in to a mechanic who told me I needed a new water pump which he replaced and then swore that it would not overheat anymore. Yeah right!! I got two miles from the shop and it did... any clues guys??

posted by  tracyh69az

You may find the solution to your problem, here.http://www.partsamerica.com/MaintenanceTips.asp

posted by  lectroid

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