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Hallo buds,

i have a 1995 ford mustang. it has a 302ci "power" v8 motor. i recently put new oil pressure line on, changed the oil, installed new oil filter, and put on a new power stirring line. after installing these things i noticed the car overheating. i looked in the radiator and there was no coolant. i put water in and noticed a leak... i had a couple of people tell me that my water pump may be bad so i put a new pump on and the thing still over heats. the car also has a cold air induction kit and some kind of "shift plus" shift kit. im not sure about the intake kit because it seems that where the end where it sucks the air is right above the tire and looks as if it would suck up debris off the tire? the car is idled up high when the intake is plugged in. i put a new airflow sensor on and after a day or two it idled right back up as if the sensor went bad again. any information would help. thanks


posted by  xalcatrazx

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