95 mustang over heating

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do you think 220-230 degrees F. is running hot?? the thermometer goes from 130 to 280...

posted by  xalcatrazx

Umm no.

posted by  VMJYogi

Well if u had a fwd id say is the fan turning on, but u dont. In my opinion i believe it is hot, Heat is good for fuel economy and doesnt let carbon build up and heat produces lower emissions cause most of the pollutants get burned up or watever. But for the health of ur engine, its not good ur engine getting hot and than cold and than hot, reduces the metals strength and puts more wear on parts. If ur getthing those temps when idling its not to unnormal, if ur getting those temps on the freeway than u got a problem. Thermostat sticking? leak? Rad flush and fluid change? Rad cap?

posted by  speedy266

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