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Hi All,
I have a ford escort lx 1.9L... may be 1996 or 1997 model.
It has around 80000 milage. When I try to start, it starts crumbling and it hardly turns on when keeping the pressure on accelator.
The "check engine" light is on and also blinks sometimes. I definitly can not make it run. When it happened yesterday, my friend drove it to my place with frequent stops at signals. There was no gear changing... may be controller was not allowing to do so or transmission is gone.

I really don't have any clue. Any body have some infromation.... any help will be greatly appreciated.

posted by  yeldram77

Have the trouble codes pulled (auto zone, etc ) and report back

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Thanks for your interest. I took it to a mechanic and he said that it needs a head job. He later found out that the seat for one of the volve was broken and were damaging the head. So he got it fixed.
But now within less than a week, the "check engine" light is again ON. I took it back to him and he read the problem code as P1443 which according to his book says; "Very low or no purge flow". But he says that he is not able to tell what is wrong with the car and saying to me that I should take it to the dealer. He already charged me $665 and I don't have much money since I'm a student and very hardly managing my living.
I'm not able to find anything about P1443 in escort 96 though it is mentioned for escort 97. If you can guide me what to do, will be a big favour for me.

posted by  yeldram77

P1443 code is where your 94-97 ford escorts won't pass smog tests in Ca. because you have a fuel flow problem that is leaking an evaporative gas. Check the level sensor in the tank. Check the catalitic {sp?} converter(standard manufactoring now days). check the filters systems. Most important of all broke guy put gas in the car vbefore anything else. Half a tank should swirl up the crud and get the system flushed out by it's self. I'm sorry your having problems and no money I'm in the same boat right now and I have no money at all. You've got a smog fuel problem.

keva   26 Nov 2012 22:13

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