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i have a 95 neon. the light started staying on so i had it checked at autozone & they gave me the code p0505 idle control system malfunction. they said maybe it was the idle speed control. i have the neon book but it doesnt say where that part is. any suggestions as to what i should check & where that part is? if i go pay $60 to have it hooked to a machine will that tell me exactly what is wrong? (the battery cables were loose where they connect to the battery posts just a few wks ago & the light came on & it eventually didn't crank, perhaps its still that?) thanx!

posted by  suicidaldream

Fuel injected cars have a device called the idle air control valve which regulates the air being allowed to bypass the closed throttle plate while the car is @ idle. It is operated by a voltage signal from the ECM. You will find it located @ the intake manifold near the throttle body on most cars. These things tend to get clogged occasionally and either need to be cleaned or replaced.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

it might also be the EGR valve and cyllinoid probably around 80 bucks you have to get it from the dodge sister has the same car and had the same problem thats what it ended up being.....might not be the case with your car but you can at least look into it

posted by  krazysunfiregt

Krazy, please avoid dishing out advise when you don't know what you are talking about. I am not trying to be an ass, but this dude HAS the COMPUTER OBD II code for us to use in our diagnosis. It is P0505 and it stands for IDLE CONTROL CIRCUIT/SYSTEM MALFUNCTION..... NOT egr!!!! There are PLENTY of codes that can get set if the EGR system malfunctions. I appreciate you trying to help but that guy gave us ZERO information to indicate an EGR system malfunction and so therefore, we don't need him confused thinking maybe he's got an egr problem. :thumbs:

Suicidaldream, you need to get a SERVICE manual for your car if you want to read up on that system, owner's ain't gonna do it for you. I have typed several write-ups on this system and you should be able to search this forum for those as it is too much and no need to retype them. IAC is Idle Air Control and your IAC motor/sensor has probably taken a dump. There are tests that can be run and such as well as you can attempt to clean it with a good cleaner like berkibile 2+2. Good luck, let us know.

posted by  cmeseadoin

I forgot to address where the sensor is going to be on the intake throttle structure near where the accelerator cable and if equipped, cruise cable hook to the butterfly mechanism. IAC sets right there on the intake near the TPS (throttle position sensor). It is also somewhat near the MAF (mass air flow) sensor as well on some vehicles. You've already had autozone pull the code for you......if that is the case, then the only money you should spend is on a new IAC sensor/motor unit. Why would you have to pay $60 to have another machine hooked up when you already know what caused the fault? Most likely it is that sensor and not the computer nor the circuitry so a new IAC is more than likely in your future.

posted by  cmeseadoin

A Chiltons or Haynes manual for the car is a good $15.00 investment for a home menchanic. /80/19/8e/9b/0900823d80198e9b.jsp has a simple test for the IAC valve

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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