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Hi, im interesting in purchasing a Nissan Silvia. This is the description below:

1992 Nissan Silvia 2000 cc 4 cyl. - $9,500 ACT Canberra

Rare J'S Model,Lowered,Rear Spoiler,Body Kit,Momo Steering,17" Alloy wheels with brand new

tyres, 15" wheel set for FREE..! Full service history and paperwork, engine with extractors

for high fuel efficiency.

Condition: Excellent
KMs: 145,000
Car type: Sports
Body type: Coupe
Gearbox: Automatic 5 speed
Engine: 2,000 cc 4 cyl.
Fuel: Petrol
Doors: 2
Owners: 1 (other owner was in japan)
Victorian Rego till jan 2004

Body/Engine Alarm
Keyless Entry
Power Steering
Exterior Alloy
Body Kit
Driving Lights
Air Conditioning
CB Radio
CD Player
Central Locking
Mobile Phone Car Kit
Power Mirrors
Power Windows


I asked him to bring it down to $8500 because i didnt have the money he said he was ok with

it. When i went to check the car i got a different impression. Firstly he bought the car in

2001 and it had driven 67,000km (from japan) and he does his service for the car every

Only thing his added is basically the 17" Mags and im assuming the 15" ones are the stock

ones. I saw some more problems with the car when i looked at it.

When we took it for a test drive the car was driving at 80km/hr, So i thought. But it was

actually driving at 60km/hr. He said that its incorrect and needs to be fixed and that he

didnt bother coz he wants to sell it and its not much of a problem. He said the reading is

always goin to be 20km/hr faster than it actually is. He said it would cost about $100 to

fix. Also the muffler doesnt sound as good as i thought it would. Hard to notice that it has

a muffler.

Now second problem is CD player. Its a very basic Sony one. I dont see any features on it at

all. And there is a cd stuck in it so it currently doesnt work. THe two back speakers are

Pioneer 120watt the two front speakers are unknown (doesnt say pioneer). Theres no amp. And

the back is heavily scratched, the bumper that is (i think thats what u call them). Also

there is rust on one side of the car. Also the body kit doesnt seem to be what i expected? it

looks really plain. U can see from the pics.

I have linked some pictures that i took of the car: - back bumper (paint worn of) - rust on side of car - side pic with interior - steering wheel - wheels - engine - muffler - front side pic - bumper close up - spoiler - engine closeup - side view - interior -> cd player (looks really


So yeah i dont know if its worth $8500AUS. He has paperwork and all for it. The manuals are

in japanese so i dont know whats goin on with that. The car seems kinda bumpy and

uncomfortable to ride in. But i think thats normal? isnt it normal for sports cars or

something? coz ive been drivin my dads Camry for ages now and i never drove a sports car

before. But im ok with the rough ride as long as its normal.

So yeah basically i dunno about the CD but how much to fix the speedometer and the bumper.

And is the rust serious? and how much should i bring the car down to if its not worth the

price? Also ill be doing an NRMA vehicle inspection probably too (if i want the car) - Would

the car start to have any problems soon? coz he said its had no problems. and if so how much

would it be to fix these problems (engine rebuild etc.)

sorry to trouble you i jsut dont have much knowledge with cars.


posted by  way2quik

i find the car to be a bit too expensive..... its just an S13 so it really should cost alot less.....

now, $8.5k for an S14? that i can live with, mainly cuz of the stuff its packing (sr20det, body kit, alloy wheels, etc., so its fair).

still, for an s13, its too much. those cars arent expensive at all, and parts can be found quite commonly nowadays in the states. its the RB engines that are expensive, not the SR's.

as for that car in specific, i dont see any body kit or anything. if it does, its one pos one. the engine looks stock, very clean, but stock. that looks like the stock muffler too. actually, let me just say this in short, that car is by no means at all worth $8.5k in USD. i dont know how much that is in AUS, but its not worth it.

posted by  Inygknok

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