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Autopia Guide to Detailing contains 15 chapters packed full of car care 'how-to' information. This is a beautifully illustrated guide that shows you step-by-step how to properly maintain your vehicle's appearance. You'll find hundreds of problem solving tips and techniques. NOTE: You will be required to register your book. Registration is required so that we may keep you informed of new versions. You may opt-out at any time.

Autopia Guide to Detailing is a hands-on guide to learning all of the tools, products, principles and techniques needed to maintain your car's finish in good condition. Want a show car finish? The Perfect Shine process will show you how. The book covers everything from the basic chemistry of cleaning to touching up minor scratches and paint chips from daily driving. It also covers more advanced topics such as using a buffer, removing water spots and swirl marks, and using detailing clay to make your paint perfectly smooth for a liquid-looking wax job.

Autopia Guide to Detailing provides easy access to all of the products demonstrated and leaves you with the confidence and know-how to adapt the principles and techniques to your own car detailing.

Autopia Guide to Detailing will show you how to:

* Properly clean a car inside and out
* Use dressings to beautify and protect
* Remove paint contamination
* Operate a buffer to achieve results not possible by hand
* Prepare your car for winter
* Remove unsightly spots and hideous smells
* Make your tires and wheels stand out
* Detail your engine like a professional
* Master the art of The Perfect Shine
* Get rid of swirl marks and water spots
* Easily polish metal to a brilliant finish
* Deal with paint & body shop repairs
* Start your own detailing business

Autopia Guide to Detailing is an electronic book (ebook) for MS Windows PCs. The ebook format gives you immediate access to the information. The ebook will run on all Windows versions from Windows 95 through Windows XP. We're sorry, but a Macintosh version is not available.

Enjoy the book!!

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