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I don't know if this is the right forum to post this question but I don't know of another. Okay so here it is. I have a 96 Grand Cherokee Laredo that I bought in November. The cd player has never worked well. I am sure that it is a jeep cd player based on the picture in the manual. As I mentioned it has never played well. It will play a few tracks of cd then begin to skip. This happens with every cd that I play. At times when I put a cd in I would get an error message. While reading the manual I read that this can occur for several reasons. The one that concerns me the most is condensation on the laser eye. Anyway I have tried cleaning the laser to no avail. My question then becomes how can I check for condensation and fix that problem. If that is not a solution can I take the car to a radio dealer and have them put another cd player in it or do I have to take it to a jeep dealer to replace the cd player? Any responses would be truly appreciated as I am getting ready to drive from NYC to Fla in a few weeks and cannot imagine not being able to listen to my cds.

posted by  vniles100

I had the same problem when i first got a used ford explorer about a year ago. the cd changer and the laser was not reading any disc. what i would do is first take it into your local jeep dealer and explain the situation. most likely he'll tell you its the laser. ask for an estimate first. mine cost about $350 to fix (it was also a 6 cd-changer) depending on whether its an in-dash, center console, or truck changer.

if you do not like that option, you could purchase a non-stock radio, or a custom one from a website, best buy, abt, etc. i'm guessing it would be about $100 cheaper, but you would have to find one that matches your dashboard. if you decide to go this way, look at this site first you make sure you find one that fits. cc=01&vehicleid=0


posted by  SWhockey98

Thanks for the advice. I think it is the laser based on the problems that I see especially since the problem occurs with every cd. I will definitly check out the site you sent. Once again Thanks.

posted by  vniles100

I checked out the site and got very useful information about my radio. Ther are also very affordable player compared to what I was thinking it would cost me.


posted by  vniles100

Before you go to the expense of buying a new cd player, go to radio shack and buy a can of "canned air" with an extension nozzle. Do not shake the can and keep in a verticle position, hold open cd gate and spray for a few seconds, wait a minute, try a cd. If it doesn't work spray again and try again. This might save you a few hundred bucks. Never,Never, use this cleaning method on a working player. Since yours is already CRAP, it's worth the $10 for the air.

posted by  lectroid

I will try it and get back. Thanks for trying to help me save dough. :thumbs:

posted by  vniles100

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