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1988.5 Ford Escort EXP
1.9L CFI
Manual Transmission

Both Battery Terminals Have grounded out on the hood, resulting in the Engine cutting off. replaceing the battery results in the Shift light and Oil light comming on with key off and out of ignition. the car has no power running to Fuse Panel under dash, no headlights/tail lights no power at all

What i have done so far:
checked all Fusiable Links, All are good.

posted by  Valis

How did you do THAT? What happened to the clearance with the hood and terminals? You have probably severly damaged the electrical system. How long did the hood stay in touch with the two terminals shorting them? Have you checked all FUSES? If the links are good, what about the fuses in the panel? GOOD LUCK, would not want that problem.

posted by  cmeseadoin

:banghead: i was comming home one night, hit a nice pot hole in the road. it made contact untill sparks flew from under the hood, rendering my baby dead :ohcrap:

i am not reciving power from the Fuse Panel located under the dash

if anything ill rip her apart and rebuild her.

posted by  Valis

You will probably end up rewiring her as well - that is a lot of amps running through the electronic gear under this car.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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