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I have a 2002 Grand Caravan which throws a P1391 code (Intermittent loss of CMP or CKP signal) whenever I'm driving in a heavy downpour. I've had the crankcase position sensor replaced once already, but the problem has recently returned. Sometimes I can fight the stall and keep the car going, but today, the car died and I couldn't get it to start for several minutes. Any ideas?

Mike Bongiovi

posted by  mbongiov

Hmm, you're either losing the crank position or cam position sensor communications to the pcm. Might want to check all wiring to both. Any exposed wiring that could short from road water being splashed by the wheels? Has the exhaust burnt any insulation off any of the wiring underneath? What about light rain and wet roads? Same thing or only in a down pour? If it is only in heavy rain, tell me this.......what if the rain first starts and the road is not soaked yet but it is pouring. How long does it take to set a code and start to stall. Does the road actually have to be soaked to and you have to be driving? Can this occur sitting still with the engine running in a downpour? Probably electrical wiring issue. When you check engine light comes on, does the pcm give you any freeze frame data telling you what the other sensors and such were doing at the time? If so, sometimes you can graph all this and draw comparisons to determine what is going on electrically. Let me know.

posted by  cmeseadoin

I am with cmeseadoin on this one.

A story to prove my point - My 2002 Town and Country (when only had 1400 miles on it) had a couple of intermittent problems not shifting until the dealer poured water out of the electrical connector @ the transmission control module and replaced my TCM for good measure.

Check your warranty book - you may still be covered under the emission control warranty

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I realize that it's been a while since these posts, but can anyone tell me what the solution was? I have same problem with a 97 Grand Voyager, but only when it's hot outside or when I hit a bump. It will stall and not restart for fiteen minutes or so. Always works in reverse though, but when I shift to drive it will stall. I get stuck halfway out of a lot of parking spaces :( So far I have had the crank pos sensor replaced (which helped for a while), I have replaced the ECM, coil pack, plug wires, plugs but no help there. Before getting the code I overhauled the fuel system, which did nothing. Does that mean a wiring problem? What else could I do? Thank you all in advance for your help.

posted by  jchabries

Hi I have a 96 Dodge Dakota 3.9 the check engine light is on and the Oil light as well it has a code of P1391 what do I need to replace i just replaced the crankshaft but the check engine light and the code keeps coming out do I need to replace camshaft too?

juantazz   31 Dec 2012 21:08

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