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Another post about my ailing 1998 Buick Skylark, V6. . .

The ABS light and the ETS Traction light keep coming on, mostly they come on and stay on, but occasionally they're off for a day or so before coming on again.

I've had the car computer scanned but no codes come up for the ABS. My mechanic said had something similar with another customer and he ended up replacing the ABS unit on that car. The new one cost about $400, but he found a used one for $100.

I really don't have the $400 plus labor charges to spend, so if it does need a new ABS is it ok to put on a used one? Is there any serious reason why I shouldn't?

The car stops ok but sometimes I doubt the ABS is working. My husband is currently driving this car about 800 miles a week, and I really like to make sure everything is working properly.

Also, if I put on a used one, do I need one specifically from a 1998 Buick Skylark or is there other years and/or models I can use? Maybe one from a Chevy or a Pontiac.

posted by  Beth G.

Well, I would think that the quality of the part really depends on the quality of the salvage yard. Anytime you buy a used part of that intricacy you take a chance. See if the part in question comes with any kind of warranty...sometimes reputable salvage yards will offer some kind of warranty. The abs light just indicates that your abs isn't working, but your brakes will still operate just fine. Sorry I couldn't provide you with any clear cut answers, but it's difficult to do so given the situation. My only question is....if he's coming up with no codes for the abs then why does he want to replace the abs module? I assume he's guessing :ohcrap: what the fix for the problem is. I don't know but it sounds like he's a mechanic of the "parts throwing" variety, not the "find the cause of the problem" variety.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Actually, my mechanic guy doesn't seem to be one to replace stuff unnecessarily. I'm the one who thinks the ABS might need replacing. I just want it working correctly again. It's only July now, but I've been putting this off for months now and want the ABS working before the snow and ice hit again.

When he told me no brake codes were coming up, he did tell me that his diagnostic machine doesn't work well on some ABS brake systems. I asked him about taking it to a brake shop and have it scanned and he said not to bother because they'll charge me an arm and leg and not tell me anything other than I need new brakes, which I don't.

posted by  Beth G.

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