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Hello my name is Justin and would like any advice on my issue of having a 1993 Chrysler Concorde 3.3L and it died Sunday. I have replaced the battery, alt., fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel relay, and noticed the 30 amp fuse in the Engine Controller slot in the engine compartment fuse box was blown. I replaced it only to blow it again. Now I am stuck, please relpy asap, thanks, Justin.
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posted by  kittelson-Burke

This may sound half-assed, but try replacing the fuse in question with a fuse with a higher amperage rating...see what happens.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

I would not advise using the higher amperage rating. The fuse is ment to protect the whole electrical system from shorts and overloads. Using the wrong rating may just destroy a Veeeeery expensive electrical system. I would try and figure out what the fuse is connected to and trace down the wires. See if any of the wires leading to the device are contacting the metal of the car that would be short and in my opinion is the most likely cause of the problem. It is also possible but not as likely that the short is within the device itself. If all else fails you can have a computer diagnostic done at a local shop. They can usually tace down electrical problems and then you can fix the problem. The only thing is that the mechanics usually charge 1 hours labor for the test.

posted by  wizzyb82

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